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–Objective Health Plan Review–


Hoodles provides an objective approach to comparing health plans

Let’s start with the simple concept that impartial is always better when comparing any purchase including health plans.  Let’s look at how people currently review and compare health plans and why that might not be the best approach for such an expensive but important protection for you, your family, or your company.


The current model for comparing health plans

The vast majority of health insurance shoppers use brokers whether online or sitting in a  traditional office (or even living room for old school review).  This isn’t a bad approach but it’s entirely dependent on one person’s knowledge, preferences, and even beliefs on  what health insurance is all about.  I’ve had health agents tell us that they believe in having the best and richest coverage available.  You could argue that this type of plan was in their financial interest but I actually think they believed that this was the right approach.  Regardless of why, they were still wrong when you looked at the annualized cost difference.  We have met some really professional brokers with excellent recommendations and we have met some with…well, less than excellent.  That’s to be expected in any industry involving humans.  I think the real problem is that the health plan comparison is really based on one person’s guidance.  No one has all the answers.  No one.  Bring on the multiple opinions!


If two opinions is better than one, what about 100?

The basis for Hoodles was simple.  Health insurance is hard.  Comparing health plans is hard.  People need guidance and they need it to come from someone that’s impartial.  There’s no financial incentive to any one for reviewing a health plan on Hoodles.  Only a shared sense of community to help people when comparing health plans.  The power is in the numbers.  Might you have a review from a person who had a bad experience with a health plan…even a one off aberation?  Sure.  You can expect it.  Five zero’s across all categories might be a good indication.  Since we don’t expect the carriers to review their own health plans, the overall ratings may skew to the downside due to the disgruntled.  That’s to be expected but with enough number of review, we’re able to compare plans against the other options on the market which will likely all have the same bias. The goal is an objective look at health plans with a level playing field.  That’s what Hoodle offers.


It’s the average that matters

The more the reviews, the better.  The key to Hoodle health plan reviews is law of averages.  WIth enough reviews, the system will automatically get rid of the extremes.  The extremes are still counted (all reviews count) but their effect is lessened and we’re able to find health plan ratings on an average basis.  We can then compare this middle point against other plans and get a good sense of what people think.  For more guidance, we can read actual people’s reviews for more detail and if you’re like us, this goes a long way to persuading us one way or the other in terms of a purchase.  A health plan review spoken from a shared voice or set of priorities can be incredibly powerful.

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