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How to Use the Hoodle Website

We’ve tried to make as easy to use as possible.  There are two keep facets to the site, both of which are accessible from any page.  We’ll look at how to use both of these and the importance of putting in your two cents.  Let’s take a look at both aspects of the site and how you can get the most out of it.

Most people find Hoodles with a very clear intent.  They want to compare or review health plans available in their area.  After all, the health insurance plan market is very complicated, expensive, and seems written in a defunct type of hieroglyphics (my spell check catches coinsurance and copay every time!).  The real benefit of Hoodles is the ability to get real people’s reviews of health plans available in their area.  Otherwise, how can you really research health plans from an impartial source?   The carriers will only show you the health plans they individually offer.  Don’t expect one to also quote another carrier’s plan.  You’ll be waiting for awhile (like forever).  Brokers may or may not be impartial when comparing health plans options for you.  Some brokers are “captive agents” which means they work for one carrier.  Other brokers may have preferences both in terms of carrier or ideology on what makes good health insurance which may or may not be your best choice.  Most importantly, you’re forced to choose a plan based on future performance.  That’s crazy!  What if it doesn’t work the way you want…then what.


How to find and compare health insurance fast

The easiest approach is to select your State at the top of any page in since health insurance plans are still a State to State affair.  The health plan review engine will then take you to the correct State.  You’ll see rated health plans right away but you can further narrow your selection which is important.  Health plans break down into 3 main markets in any given State:  Individual and family (insurance for people under age 65), Small Group health insurance (for companies), and Senior (generally for people age 65 and over on Medicare).  You’ll want to select the “Plan Type” drop down to select the right market for you since the plans (and rates) are completely different in each category.  You can further narrow options to best fit your situation.  For instance, you can pick carrier, network type (ppo, hmo, hsa, etc), age, or even family type.  One particular plan may rank better for young adults than for families or older couples.

Once you narrow your options, you’ll see the health plan summary windows with ranking, average rank, and additional detail.  You can click on the summary window to drop down the actual reviews for that plan.  This is where you see what others have said about this plan in 5 basic categories:  Cost, Benefits, Doctor, Customer Service, and Claims.  The average of these rankings will the top level ranking by a particular person and the average of all these rankings will give the plan its total ranking.   We have partnered with established sites who can quote and accept applications to help you with a plan that ranks well for your situation.  This helps us absorb the cost of publishing this website and the tremendous data that results from providing nationwide, impartial health plan reviews.   That’s the health plan review part of it which is the big use of our site.  Let’s look at the plan ranking part which drives our review engine.

It takes literally less than one minute (depending on how much you want to write).  Basically, you can select the State from any page.  On the right side, you’ll see a “Rate your Plan” section.  You’ll choose your market type, plan name, and select your basic info (family type, age) and then you’ll rank each category mentioned above from 1-5 (five being the best).  You can give your review a title and then the actual health plan review.  That’s it.  We want to make it easy but at the same time, extremely powerful.  We encourage everyone to review their health plan in order to help others make a better decision.

That’s it.  That’s  Hopefully clean and simple but in this simplicity, very powerful to help people actually make a good decision regarding health plans.

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