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There are many reasons that visitors might need to contact us and we want to make it as easy as possible.  The best approach is to just email us your enquiry at   We try to get to these requests and questions within 24 hours if not sooner.  There are many common questions that come while using Hoodles which we can address here.


What if you do not find your health plan?

There are literally hundreds of health plans on hoodles from dozens of carriers but new health plans are coming online (and being closed) almost on a monthly basis especially with the new health reform changes that are coming.  If you do not see your given health plan in the drop down, you can request that we add your particular plan by email at    We will confirm that the health plan is indeed a legitimate health insurance option and add it accordingly.  We try to turn around these requests in 24 hours as well.

What if a review or plan entry is incorrect or needs to be reported?

Great question.  You can always rate a review right in the Hoodles health plan review section but feel free to flag incorrect or rude reviews directly to us at  Please specify the State, plan, and user ID for the review so we can handle it accordingly.  Keep in mind that the strength of Hoodles is that reviews come from fellow health insurance shoppers but there will always be some unintended “noise” as a result of all this openness.  In the end, the benefits outweigh the downsides but patience self policing is required.

What if I have a question on how to use Hoodle?

We will continue to add to our in-depth articles on all things health insurance but you can always shoot us an email at with specific questions.  These questions may pertain to how the system works, what’s the best approach to using Hoodles, and where in the world did we get the name hoodles to begin with.  All questions are fair game.

Please feel free to contact us as our goal at is to empower you, our visitor.  Thanks and enjoy!

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