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About Hoodles

So who (or what) is

Hoodles stands for health noodles and it draws on two very important concepts.  One is that when we all collectively put our heads together (you noodle), we can make better decisions and the other is the “s” meaning the more people, the better the results.  What results are we after?


Better decision on health insurance plans!

Health insurance is increasing a bigger part of your budget and that’s only going to continue going forward.  Starting Jan 1st, 2014, it will be mandatory (subject to a fine) for almost everyone in theU.S.  So we have a mandatory product that’s very expensive.  Throw into the equation that it’s also very complicated.  The general public doesn’t completely trust the health plan review of a given carrier since they can only tell you about their plans (which may or may not be the best option for you).  As for health insurance agents, there are good and bad…how do you know which one is on the phone with you right now?

What we need are health insurance plan reviews from other people!

It works for trips, electronics, restaurants, and any other crazy product you might find on Amazon.   Why not health insurance review.  After all, health insurance is a ripe market for buyer’s remorse and you don’t really know how a given plan will work (or crash and burn) until you use it.  That’s not a great way to make a decision unless you can see into the future.

For the rest of us, there’s

Hoodles is not aligned with a given carrier or health plan.  Our goal is to provide the platform so that people can quickly post and read health plan reviews for their State with the minimum amount of hassle.  That’s it!  You’re then free to do what you want with this information.  We have partnered with leading health insurance quoting and applying sites like which can quote your particular situation and even enroll you online at no cost to you.  This helps to offset the cost of publishing the site but again, the health plan comparison information is 100% people generated.  We encourage you to also post reviews on your health plan.  You’ll be helping others to make better decision and that puts power in the hands of the consumer and not the carriers.

The best way to start is to select your State since health plan options and reviews are still based on your State of residency.  In the unlikely event that you do not see your health plan reviewed, shoot us an email and we’ll add it.  Of course, the big question on most people’s mind is how will health reform affect options and we’ll also use as a great place to understand how to get the best deal with the coming changes. Since most of the current plans on the market will go away Jan 1st, 2014, Hoodles will be more important than ever as people try to understand which plan is best for them.  Welcome to Hoodles!   We need your input and your health plan reviews.

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